An UltraFast Tool for Minimum Reticulate Networks

  After downloading a program, you can run it as follows:
         program_name   -OPTION   TreeFile   [Time_Bound_in_Seconds]
where OPTION is a string in the set {HN, MAAF, MAAFs, rSPRDist, MAF, MAFs, LB} , Time_Bound_in_Seconds is an optional upper bound on the running time, and TreeFile contains two or more phylogenetic trees in Newick format such as (((1,4),3),2) and (((species1, species_3), cat),dog) ended with a semicolon. The name of each species must consist of letters in {a, ..., z, A, ..., Z, 0, ..., 9, _, .}. There is no limit on the length of the name of each species. You can view a tree in Newick format using Dendroscope by Daniel H. Huson or a simple applet by my student Yohei Terazaki . Finally, Time_Bound_in_Seconds is meaningful only when OPTION = LB .

The options control the output as follows: